Jigsaw Dinosaur Puzzle

Jigsaw Dinosaur Puzzle 1.21

Fun, interactive jigsaw puzzle featuring 3D images of dinosaurs

Jigsaw Dinosaur Puzzle is a computerized version of the traditional puzzle game. It features realistic 3D images of several dinosaurs for you to solve. You can adjust many of the properties of the game, choosing between different degrees of difficulty: easy (4X3 pieces), normal (8X6), hard (12X9), expert (16X12) and master (20X15 pieces). Also, you can activate/deactivate the sounds of the game, and choose to have the pieces rotated and to show or hide a ghost image of the solved puzzle, increasing or decreasing the difficulty to the game. If you definitely can't resolve the puzzle, you can use the Cheat feature that auto-solves the game. After finishing the puzzle, a Congratulations screen appears, showing the time you spend solving the puzzle and giving you a hearty ovation.
The demo version includes only the tyrannosaurus rex jigsaw puzzle. The full version includes three more puzzles, as well as access to technical support and updates. Also, you can purchase the puzzle bundled with other seven games and screensavers for $31.92.

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